The Joy of Giving No. 1: Delicious Sugar Scrubs

Sunday, December 2, 2012
DIY Sugar Scrubs

Yesterday I visited the first Christmas Bazaar of the month where I bought some handcrafted holiday decor and indulged in a cheese raclette especially imported from Switzerland; a tradition me and my Austrian/German expat friends enjoy once every year and really look forward to. This event also never fails to officially trigger my Christmas countdown mood for it means that my annual holiday back home with my family is very close. Only two more weeks and I'm back in good old Austria!

My joy is usually followed by a shocking realization that I still haven't organized all the Christmas presents on my list - I'm really not the person who thinks about this kind of stuff in July. So, if you are - congratulations! Any tips for me?

Well, I'm sure there are some of you who are as "ad-hoc" as me when it comes to Christmas gifts for all your dear ones. And who also favor handmade presents from the heart over mainstream, commercial and boring things that nobody really needs. Right?

So, I thought I'd do a series of DIY Christmas gift ideas that are very easy, beautiful and useful at the same time. The kind of gifts that give a warm feeling both to the giver and the receiver. One of my favorite personal gifts is a delicious handmade sugar scrub because you need very little ingredients and yet the outcome is just fantastic. Instead of posting a step-by-step DIY here on my blog, I scoured the web to compile a selection of my personal favorites for you. Enjoy no. 1 of my series and have a happy first advent!

1. Coconut Sugar Scrub
2. Coffee Sugar Scrub
3. Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

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