August Break 2013 - Days 27 to 31

Monday, September 2, 2013

August Break Photo Challenge - Days 27 to 31

The final days of summer are here - this also means the end of Susannah Conway's August Break Photo Challenge. I really enjoyed the daily themes and sometimes I even surprised myself with certain ideas I came up with or the things that I suddenly saw in a different light. 

Well, I hope there will be another photo challenge soon. Meanwhile, I will continue to post some photo inspirations from time to time. Just because...

1. Smell // Not sure if it smells nice but it surely looks lovely!

2. Number // This was my number 2 that morning...yes, I'm a coffee addict!

3. Sign // A sign to let go of the ego...

4. Smile // Desserts always make me smile, especially Thai delicacies!

Anahata Yoga Teacher Training

But when one journey ends, another begins. For me this is a Yoga Teacher Training Program that starts this week. I'm super excited (but also a bit nervous) for the months ahead and I'm sure it will be a life-changing experience. Of course I'll share bits and pieces of my new journey here!

Have a wonderful week,


  1. Hallo Susi,

    na wie läuft es mit deiner Ausbildung zum Yoga Lehrer... bin schon gespannt, mehr darüber zu erfahren.

    Wir planen wieder mal einen DYI Abend, hast du noch paar gute Rezepte für uns?

    Ich werde immer mehr vom Lushaddict zum Susi-DYI-Addict. ;)

    lG Birgit

  2. Hey Birgit,

    ja, es kommt bald ein kleiner Post dazu :) Ein neues Rezept kommt auch bald...freut mich sehr!! nur weiter so!


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