Bucket List: Boracay & DIY Face Clay Mask

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Spa Facts Boracay
Shangri-La's Boracay Resort & Spa

I'm excited to present the first hotel spa on my bucket list, located on the secluded island of Boracay, Philippines, which is only a short flight away from bustling Hong Kong. My mum's round birthday is coming up and naturally I want to treat her to something special. Once she saw the breathtaking photos of this five star hotel with its white sandy beaches and tree houses with outdoor jacuzzis she was hooked - and so was I. 

Sushi, Wine & DIY...

Thursday, February 21, 2013
This is so cute, I simply have to share it with you guys. My friends and obviously biggest fans in Vienna organized a girls get together for a fun night with yummy sushi, white wine and DIY aromatherapy recipes....from my blog!

I told them to take pics for me so I can see them indulging and blending. Oh how I wish I could've been there - now I'm really home-sick!

Sushi, Wine and DIY Aromatherapy

The girls followed my shower gel, body scrub, cellulite and pillow oil recipes. I'm excited to learn how they turned out for them:

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Current Objects of Bliss...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
My objects of Bliss

Coincidentally, some of my objects for blissful living this week start with the letter "B": bikini, bolster, brightening oil...well, all these lovely things also come in shades of blue - a color that is very soothing and inspiring for me at the moment:

Sneak Peek...

Sunday, February 17, 2013
Six Senses Spa Vietnam
Six Senses Spa Vietnam

Wanderlust. While many friends spent their Chinese New Year holidays in a beautiful, warm spot somewhere in Asia, we just had a lazy stay-cation. In order to not get utterly depressed about this, I self-medicated with a pile of travel, spa and yoga magazines. With the result that I now have a long bucket list of places & spaces I need to visit - aka my "100 must-see spas before I die".

If you are in the midst of planning your next holiday, get ready for this. In the coming weeks, I'll take you on a virtual journey to some of the most beautiful and exquisite spa retreats across Asia. My mission: To leave you feeling intense wanderlust!

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Mission Accomplished!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Holistic Detox Week 4

My post about the last and final holistic detox week is way overdue so I simply blame it on the sugar rush I got from indulging in this yummy and beautifully decorated cupcake last weekend. But it seems that last week went by so quickly. I had the same dishes all over again (but it didn't feel boring) and my yoga, aromatherapy and motivation rituals became a routine.

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Current Objects of Bliss // Frage-Foto-Freitag

Friday, February 8, 2013
Current Objects of Bliss

Heute kommt etwas Schwung in die "Objekte meiner Begierde" Kolumne. Ich mach nämlich zum ersten Mal beim Frage-Foto-Freitag von "Ohhhmhhh", dem coolen Blog von Steffi Luxat, mit (nachdem ich es schon seit längerem im Stillen bei meiner Gastautorin Viola mitverfolgt habe). Und das heutige Thema passt ja wirklich wunderbar hierher: es geht um 5 Dinge, die mich glücklich machen.

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Viola's Power Smoothie Recipe

Monday, February 4, 2013

Pineapple-Kiwi-Apple Smoothie

How to start your work week energized, refreshed, nourished and healthy? That's right - with a power smoothie! I'm a total sucker for smoothies of all kinds (yep, I also like those green ones with spinach). Usually I have one of those yummy vitamin drinks every day but unfortunately - no surprise there - they are off the menu during my holistic detox too. That's why I really look forward to the "After-Detox-Phase" where you slowly re-introduce other treats foods to your body within 7 days. Of course I would like to start off my day with something healthy yet delicious.

On my BYW-course I met the lovely Viola who not only writes about the beautiful things in life and family, but also posts many yummy recipes on her great blog "Kikabu". So she is the right person when it comes to writing about power smoothies. And today she shares her recipe:

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Holistic Detox Week 3..."That's why I'm easy"

Friday, February 1, 2013
My holistic detox week 3

If I had to sum up my last week in one single word it would have to be "ease". Yep, I can admit freely that I'm feeling just awesome at the moment. And light-hearted. Full of joie de vivre.

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