The Joy of Giving No. 2: DIY Pillow Oil

Thursday, December 13, 2012
DIY Pillow Oil

While family and friends were busy baking delicious Christmas cookies these days, I spent most of my evenings blending oils, creams, inhalators and body masks. So instead of vanilla, chocolate and sugar scents, our apartment was filled with Jasmine, Rose, Myrtle and Bergamot fragrances - very calming and soothing!

So, my DIY Christmas gift idea for today is a lovely pillow oil: just a few drops onto the pillow at night and your loved ones will sleep like a baby. Alternatively or simultaneously, this oil blend can also be applied on to the chest or neck area for extra relaxation.

Ingredients DIY Pillow Oil
Christmas Bird Illustration by TinyRed


- 10ml glass or plastic bottle
- 10ml Base Oil (my favorite at the moment is Rosehip Oil)
- 2 drops Rose Otto Essential Oil
- 2 drops Bergamot Essential Oil

DIY Pillow Oil Recipe:

DIY Pillow Oil Recipe

1. Fill 5ml of the Base Oil into the glass / plastic bottle

2. Add 1 drop each of the Rose Otto and Bergamot Essential Oil. Shake the glass / plastic bottle a bit and let the scent develop for a moment. Then add the other 5ml of the Base Oil and another drop each of the Essential Oils. Close the bottle and rub it in your hands for about half a minute.

Rose Otto and Bergamot Essential Oil harmonize beautifully both in scent and characteristics. When applied daily on the pillow or body, they help restoring wellbeing and emotional balance. 

Enjoy and let me know what you are baking, blending or crafting this week!


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