Current Objects of Bliss...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013
My current objects of bliss...

My favorite objects for blissful living this week are inspired by a recent hike with my friends - it was a rainy, cold and grey Saturday yet we were quite determined to head out and explore a rather unknown little island in Hong Kong. Our little excursion came to an end only after two hours when even my über active dog Lizzie decided it was a much better idea to return home, have some tea & biscuits and just relax instead:

1. Organix Instant Recovery Mask - Awapuhi Ginger: Every product labeled with "Hawaii" usually catches my eye and this hair mask is no different. For years I've been searching for a treatment that effectively tames my frizzy hair - thanks to Hong Kong's humidity. So I gave this conditioning mask with oil from the Hawaiian awapuhi ginger plant a try, as it promises to leave my hair bouncy and shiny. It really does its job and it smells like a tropical rainforest.

2. Patagonia's Troposphere Jacket: I'm a huge fan of Patagonia. I love their business philosophy, their eco-friendly clothes and their sustainability efforts. And I particularly love this jacket. Rain, wind, humidity - no excuses for hiking with Lizzie in every weather.

3. Nike Lunarglide Running Shoes: The Patagonia jacket and these running shoes are inseparable - in fact, you can see me either running, hiking or shopping in them every single weekend. And yes, I do like the color pink.

4. Terrake Comforting Cotton Cream: A friend of mine gave me some small samples of this French spa skincare brand. As you know, I'm extra careful of what I put on my sensitive skin but this cream absorbs quickly and hydrates at the same time. And your skin smells like you just stepped out of a spa treatment room.

5. O&Co. Chili Specialty Olive Oil: Last December on my short visit in Berlin, I discovered this olive and balsamic vinegar heaven. I think I tasted at least 10 different olive oils and vinegars and ended up buying 3 big cans (but only after making sure they offer international shipping). This chili olive oil - followed closely by the Lemon olive oil - is my favorite for spicing up beef or veggie dishes.

What are your objects of bliss on a rainy Saturday?


  1. The chili olive oil sounds interesting. Did you ship them to Hong Kong?

  2. It's delicious! I'm still using the one I bought in Berlin but thinking of ordering soon - want to join in?

  3. Hi,

    dieses Öl hätte ich auch sehr gerne! Kannst Du mir vielleicht das nächste mal wenn Du in Berlin bist und dann weiter nach Österreich fährst auch so eines mitnehmen? ;))

    Bussi Alex

    1. Haha, ich glaub es ist einfacher, wenn du es direkt aus D bestellst :)

  4. The Patagonia jacket is great! I am also a big fan of Patagonia although till now I do not have any item from them. But also their boost on the ISPO fair (I almost go there every year because of my other work) is always very inspiring. And the color of this jacket I just love :)

  5. I can highly recommend Patagonia, Eva! It's worth every penny.

    Oh, that's funny, I also used to visit the ISPO many years ago for my previous work :)


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