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Friday, March 15, 2013
Print by Longfellowdesigns
Print by Longfellowdesigns

Yesterday these lyrics by the Rolling Stones popped up in my head and I sort of started meditating over it ever since. Do you get what you need instead of what you want right now? Think about it - once you embark on a journey of self-reflection you might just find new horizons opening up for you!

To give you a gentle nudge, here's something to nourish your body, mind and soul this weekend:

Love: If you only watch one video this weekend, watch this incredibly touching one. To me, the love story behind it is even more touching

Indulgence: Healthy chocolate bounty balls? Let's do this!

Yoga: Do you like inversions? Well, by now you already know that I just love doing headstands. I feel so relaxed and calm afterwards. Here are some yogis that really rock inversions...

Inspiration: I recently discovered this beautiful publication about botanical perfumes and flowers

Mind: Print this great poster and read it before you meditate...every single day 

Have a lovely weekend!


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