Chiang Mai: Redressing my equilibrium

Thursday, November 22, 2012
Chiang Mai: Finding my equilibrium

Isn't it funny how things sometimes fall into place quite naturally? At first, they don't seem to connect or match, but after a while you realize it is meant to be that way. Please excuse my pseudo-philosophical ramblings today. It's just that I had one of these "aha" moments.

When sorting out the photos from our recent Chiang Mai trip, I happened to experience the exact same state of calmness and harmony I felt when I was there. And then - by sheer accident or, as I'd later tell myself, fate - I stumbled across this famous quote by Marcus Aurelius in his book "Meditations" that seemed to connect all the dots for me:

"When force of circumstance upsets your equanimity, lose no time in recovering your self-control, and do not remain out of tune longer than you can help. Habitual recurrence to the harmony will increase your mastery of it." (Pages 6:11)

So, in retrospect, I discovered that prior to our vacation, my mind was subconsciously craving for redressing his equilibrium. My hubby must have felt the same way. The minute we arrived at The Chedi hotel all emotional baggage we carried with us for the past weeks melt away instantly. I'm always in awe what profound effects architecture, atmosphere and the elements can have on your body and soul when done right. And The Chedi played with all these three components beautifully: a perfect combination of old and new, wood and water, Thai and Western design.

The Chedi Chiang Mai
Old and New in perfect harmony
The gorgeous small city by the Ping river with its secret corners, boutique shops and cafes, elaborate temples, mischievous yet friendly Tuk Tuk drivers and, most of all, its fantastic restaurants featuring delicious, fresh and inexpensive all contributed to a truly blissful experience that left us happy and balanced. And it all happened in just four days. 

Wait! No Thai Massages or Spas? Well, I wouldn't be a spa junkie if I missed out on Thailand's spa heaven, would I? But my spa experience in Chiang Mai deserves a separate blog post. For now, I'll leave you with glimpses of North Thailand's jewel:

Elaborate Temples in Chiang Mai

Hundreds of elaborate temples in and around the city center 

Glimpses of old and new Chiang Mai
Strolling along Charoen Rat Rd. and Tha Phae Rd.

P.S.: Happy Thanksgiving! I'm definitely feeling blessed and thankful for this trip. Tell me, what do you feel thankful for?


  1. Wow! Your holiday looks amazing! Makes me want to travel around South-East Asia again....thanks for stopping by my blog - it's only new and there's not much there yet so it's extra exciting for me to get a new comment! So thankyou again. Your blog is looking beautiful. Very clear, easy to navigate and very stylish. Meg

  2. Thanks Meg! I'm a blogger newbie as well, always happy the get new comments too :) Your blog is beautiful - looking forward to read more.


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