Tea & Talk: Physiotherapist Will

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Tea and Talk: Physiotherapist Will

I planned to post this Tea & Talk a couple of days ago but unfortunately, the rush of packing and getting everything ready for my Thailand trip got in the way. But it's worth the wait because the following little chat is a very interesting one. Well, OK, I'm a bit biased because the interviewee is my brother-in-law.

Since almost everybody I know is complaining about back pain nowadays, I thought it would be a good idea to talk to a pro who knows the body from every angle and inside-out. My brother-in-law is the most knowledgeable and skillful physiotherapist out there. And I'm not only saying this because he once treated my back spasms from a distance (he lives in Sydney) in the middle of the night. Having rehabilitated patients successfully in hospitals and sports therapy centers for many years, Will specializes in musculoskeletal and manual therapy techniques. In his leisure time he - being a perfect role model for his patients - likes to lift weights and lets off steam playing basketball; but not long ago I convinced him to also give yoga a try and since then he is kind of hooked (or so I hope).

Today he shares his top exercise tips and tells me why the Transverse Abdominus is his favorite muscle in the body:

1. What are your top 5 tips for staying healthy?

1. Stay active and positive.
2. Drink plenty of water and tea.
3. Everything in moderation.
4. Learn to move.
5. Laugh…a lot! =)

2. From a physiotherapist’s point of view – what is the best form of exercise for our body?

All forms of exercise are great. However, from my experience, the form of exercise that has helped me greatly has been yoga and calisthenics. Both exercises require strength and flexibility from the whole body rather than targeted muscle groups. They are perfect for correcting posture and weeding out any muscle imbalances that exist within the body. Yoga is also aims to improve you holistically, calming the mind and soul while strengthening the body.

3. The best location in Sydney for outdoor fun/sports?

The beauty of Sydney is that there are parks everywhere for you to enjoy outdoor activities. The best location for me is probably the run from Bronte Beach to Bondi Beach. Plenty of parks along the way to throw a Frisbee, kick a ball around or do some circuit training if you’re so inclined. Plus the fact that it’s near the ocean just gives you that extra breath of fresh air and motivation that you sometimes need!

4. What type of massage do you recommend?

I think for those who enjoy a lot of pressure in their massage, remedial is best as it has a great protocol of loosening the muscle from the tendon to the belly in a gradual fashion. It also feels fantastic!
Albeit being very gentle, from a theoretical point of view, anything that deals with the myofascia (i.e. rolfing) is also extremely good for you. Rather than looking at individual muscles, it looks at the body as a whole and works from the theory that everything is connected via myofascial trains.

Will's massage and exercise tips

5. Your favorite muscle in the body? Why?

Transverse abdominus. It is the ‘core’ muscle responsible for a lot of injury prevention (especially in the back and hamstrings). It also makes your hips looks bloody good when it is strong.

6. What are your top 5 products you can’t live without?

1. My MacBook Pro (it probably has my whole life in it)
2. Vibram barefoot running shoes
3. My Beats by Dre Headphones (I’m a sucker for heavy bass)
4. My iPhone (again, my life is in it, with the added bonus of portable music as well!)
5. My meditation cushion (Still working on my hip flexibility to sit on the floor in zazen pose!)

7. Your favorite treat or guilty pleasure?

Right now, lots and lots of taro-flavored frozen yoghurt.

8. What’s your single most valued health tip you wish you knew 10 years ago?

That great posture and diet are the two things that will keep you healthy and happy about your body.


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