August Break 2013 - Days 7 to 12

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
August Summer Break 2013 Photo Project

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably noticed this long hashtag I'm currently using: #augustbreak2013. What's this all about?

Susannah Conway gives us lazy bloggers a chance to take sort of a writing break and to only communicate visually by joining her photo project throughout August. It's very casual, so join in anytime and share your gorgeous pics on your Instagram, Blog or wherever you feel like! Oh and there's also a blogroll to find new blogs to read and follow - sounds fun, right?

1. Taste // A taste of Spain with our squid ink seafood paella
2. Skyline // Beautiful sky above Hong Kong island
3. Far Away // My home town Vienna is so far away. Every time I get homesick I read Eva Menasse's brilliant book which captures the very essence of the city and its people. Highly recommended summer read!

Hope to see you on Instagram!


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