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Friday, August 9, 2013
My favorite things for blissful living

It's Friday. It's summer. The sun is shining - what's not to love?

I'll keep this post really short and sweet as I can't wait to grab my bikini and head to the pool. So here are my 5 things for blissful living this week:

1. Sun Sandals: I've first spotted these barefoot sandals on Yoga Girl's aka Rachel's Instagram and was instantly hooked. Such a clever idea and so gorgeous! Love to wear them not only to the beach but to my yoga class, too

2. Now Vegetable Glycerin: For my DIY Tropical Body Mist (click here to read the post) I had to use vegetable glycerin for the first time. I've never tried it before and didn't really know anything about it. Vegetable Glycerin is hypoallergenic and soluble in water so you can add it to all of your cosmetic products. It makes your skin super soft and smooth and is just great for after-sun care

3. Ayurveda Pitta Tea: According to Ayurveda, in summer we tend to accumulate excess Pitta (heat, skin irritations, odorous sweating, feeling irritable) which can throw us off balance. So we need to cool our body, mind and emotions with things that pacify our Pitta dosha. This lovely organic tea with ayurvedic herbs of cardamom, licorice, rose petals, ginger and cinnamon can be enjoyed hot or cold and helps you to chill

4. Aumnie Energy Crop Yoga Pants: This is my favorite yoga pants at the moment. It is so soft and stretchy, I'm hardly wearing anything else on weekends at the moment! And the color choices are really cool as well

5. Yolo SUP Coastal Cruiser: I fell in love with Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the small island of Cebu in the Philippines a few years back. It was such an amazing experience to explore the turquoise sea and enjoying nature with my SUP! Ever since I'm contemplating of buying one here in HK. Especially if it had such a lovely pattern as this Yolo Board.

Well, I'm off to the pool now - have a lovely weekend full of sunshine!


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