How to stick to your daily yoga practice - my top 3 tried and tested ways

Monday, July 22, 2013

Yoga and Self-discipline
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Too often we can have the best intentions and plans but still don't commit to our daily yoga practice. I've been struggling with this for quite some time.

I'd create weekly schedules where I mixed restorative classes with some more challenging Vinyasa classes at different times of the day to make it as easy as possible for me to roll out the mat. And yet I'd still find too many (lame) excuses not to commit to it.

Although I knew I would feel so much happier and calmer afterwards, this tiny voice (aka the Devil's advocate) always won every single argument: it's too early and you are tired; it's too late and you are tired; you've just had lunch; you need to finish work first; yeah, you shouldn't really do yoga while menstruating, etc. blah blah...

So I figured I had to come up with some solid ways to shut up this tiny voice forever. Naturally, this involved a tough trial & error phase with lots of observation and merciless self-critique.

And - tah dah - I can now proudly present you my top 3 tried & tested ways to get on your mat every single day (or whatever your schedule is):

1. Manipulate your mind

Yes, do it. Trust me - you will manipulate your mind only in a very positive way. I guess some people call it "working on your self-discipline".

Well, here's how I manipulated my mind every time this tiny, nagging voice came up:
"OK, I'll just do one quick sun salutation / relaxing child's pose / 5 minutes of meditation..."

You see, once you trick yourself into thinking you'll only spend a couple of minutes doing what you actually love doing, chances are quite high that you'll want more. Well, that's how I ended up doing a full 60-minute practice in my pyjamas yesterday...

Yoga Blissipline
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2. Make it non-negotiable

This is such a huge concept I learned from Brian Johnson recently that you can literally apply to every single aspect of your life.

It goes like this: find your number one thing that makes you really happy, content, fulfilled, etc. every time you do it and then go and do it every single day. Make it non-negotiable. 

This is really personal and can range from anything like cooking to blogging, walking the dog or, like in my case, yoga. Once you make the passion of yours non-negotiable, you create a habit which guarantees you consistent bliss. That's why Brian also calls it "bliss-ipline" - love that!

3. Be Inspired

My last tip falls into the "fake it until you make it" category. Sometimes it only takes simple steps like putting on your favorite yogi pants, watching inspiring yoga clips or listening to your favorite songs to get motivated. 

I usually create my own yoga playlist (which is not only Kirtan by the way) and I thought I'd share it with you guys - maybe you'll be inspired. The following songs are also great for chilling by the pool or sipping your favorite summer cocktail:

Last but not least, drawing your own spiritual mandala and make it your desktop wallpaper definitely helps as well. It's kind of hard to ignore the subtle message and not to feel guilty for not getting up to do a couple of asanas.

Here's my first humble wallpaper - feel free to download it here if it inspires you:

Yoga desktop wallpaper

Now over to you guys - what inspires you to commit to your daily practice / workout? Post your favorite songs in the comment box below!


  1. Wow :) can believe i found this, just this week i started making excuses, this will help me :) can you write an article about making mandalas? Just found your blog and love it!

  2. Thanks, Daniela! So glad you found my blog :)
    Sure, making Mandalas is one of my favorite ways to meditate - will write about it in the near future.

    Have fun with your yoga practice!


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