Mamasan wants you to spaaahhhh!

Monday, January 28, 2013
Mamasan beauty, health and fitness site

Are you the type of person who loves to subscribe to various online travel sites just to get that awesome, limited travel package deal to Thailand? Or are you constantly checking out at least three different group buying sites so you definitely won't miss out on any special offer by your favorite brand?

Well, I'm kinda this person. But who isn't nowadays? To me it feels like we are trapped in a permanent illusion of seasonal sale where we are being brainwashed to scour the internet for "50% discount" stuff.   Only to learn later that it was marked up by at least 150% in the first place. Ah, these good old marketing tactics. But what if there was a real win-win concept for both customers and businesses? Where products or services are offered for a discount and only in certain time slots before they don't sell at all?

The newly launched online beauty, health & fitness deal site "Mamasan" promises to link up businesses with interested customers to do just that. Once signed-up (free), members can search and instantly book discounted services at Mamasan's partner salons, gyms and spas in Hong Kong that would have gone unsold otherwise. So, whether you fancy a body-sculpting barre workout in your lunch break or a quick blow dry before your dinner date, there's plenty of unfilled appointments at various times, prices and locations to choose from. Just like on Tripadvisor, you can evaluate and rate the experienced services afterwards. Sounds intriguing, right?

Of course I have to give it a try. Especially once I found out that one of Mamasan's partners is Flex Studio in Central where my favorite yoga teacher Claudia (yup, you've already read about her in another post) is doing a Detox Vinyasa Flow class.

So, here's a step-by-step documentation of my registration and booking on Mamasan. Turned out to be super fast and easy:

Mamasan online registration

After registering, you can select your personal preferences to receive customized deals per email. Now you just go ahead searching and booking your appointment:

Mamasan booking confirmation
Credits: Mamasan / Claudia Whitney

Done! You'll see your booking confirmation instantly and also receive it per email. So excited to practice with Claudia today - will fit in my holistic detox challenge perfectly.

Verdict: To me Mamasan is really an exciting concept. There are not that many partners (yet), but let's see how the site develops and what other services they add. While you can find great discounts, some offers are still a tad overpriced for me personally (Elemis Day Spa - hey, I guess I'm just not your target group). I think I'll be booking more yoga and barre classes in the future as well as occasional massage appointments, but spa treatments - it's still DIY-ing for me for now.


  1. Also agree that even with discount some services are still a bit steep. But there are a few partners I would like to try out...maybe more fitness.

  2. Which ones would you like to try out, Lindy? Let's go together :)

  3. Update: Just rated my experience on - lovely class, great teacher (as always), but the studio is a bit small and bathrooms are located outside. Just as Flex studio says on its website: "express" :)


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